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Discuz! The support skips the page fast from the definition, when after certain operations complete, may not demonstrate the prompting message, skips directly to the new page, thus the convenience user carries on the next step the operation, avoids waiting. In the actual use, you according to the need, increase the key words to the fast skipping establishment inside (the backstage -- Basic establishment -- Contact surface and display mode -- [Prompting message skipping establishment ]), lets certain information not demonstrate that realizes fast skipping. The following is Discuz! Middle some commonly used information key words:

Key words Prompting message page or function
login_succeed Registers successfully
logout_succeed The withdrawal registers successfully
thread_poll_succeed Votes successfully
thread_rate_succeed Grades successfully
register_succeed Registers successfully
usergroups_join_succeed Joins the expansion group success
usergroups_exit_succeed Withdrawal expansion group success
usergroups_update_succeed Renewal expansion group success
buddy_update_succeed The good friend renews successfully
post_edit_succeed Editor successful post
post_edit_delete_succeed 刪除帖子成功
post_reply_succeed Back to success
post_newthread_succeed A new theme of success
post_reply_blog_succeed Comments published Selected Works of success
post_newthread_blog_succeed A success blog
profile_avatar_succeed Head successfully set
profile_succeed Update on personal success
pm_send_succeed Short Message sent success
pm_delete_succeed Short Message deleted success
pm_ignore_succeed Short Message ignore list updated
admin_succeed Successful management operation [Note: this keyword set up after the completion of all management operations will have a direct Jump]
admin_succeed_next  Jump to the successful management and a management action
search_redirect Search completed, the search results list